I have over seven years experience in digital marketing and analytics, across a wide range of platforms, working with global clients in six languages, including: English, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, French and Japanese. I would describe myself as a cheerful geek who loves communicating with algorithms and human beings equally!


Worked with their proprietary tools to filter and analyze the market for a Japanese client in the medical sector, selling stethoscopes. The product in Japan has a huge variety of uses, unknown in western countries and the filtering process was very complex.

Technologies & Tools: Brandwatch proprietary query system, Twitter and Google query languages, cultural research.



Opened a new market for selling Blythe dolls. The company didn’t consider the product’s potential. It was necessary to dig into the sub-culture of the buyers to understand the key factors that made the difference from a page selling dolls and page creating community around Blythe dolls.

Technologies & Tools: Google, SEO, Twitter queries; SQL, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Python, Facebook Analytics, Google Analytics, forums, etc.


Culture Japan

Trademark reserach for the company name and logos used. Research the potential benefits of using a new trademark and discussed cultural advantages of opening the brand to new markets. 

Technologies & Tools: Trademark office, legal research, copyright issue research, cultural and anthropological research.